S. Avi

Avi Singh (Mathematics)

S. Avi graduated from IIT Roorkee with a degree in Electrical Engineering. He cracked Indian Engineering Services examination in his first attempt.

He has also scored one of the highest marks in Mathematics Optional of UPSC CSE. He has been guiding students for the last five years.

His deep interest in the discipline of Mathematics has led him to teach it as an optional. He has changed paradigm of Mathematics pedagogy. This makes him famous among students and has rejuvenated interest in the subject especially for the exam. He enables students to visualize the concepts e.g. cone as Joker’s hat or Shiv Damaru as hyperboloid. Those students whom he guides always feel that Mathematics is not just about formulas but it’s poetry.

He is responsive and is always there to help his students in all times . His test series program is as per the changing pattern of the exam and needs of answer writing skills.